Senior Staff

Stephen A. Ribner, President and CEO

With over 38 years experience in survey research, Mr. Ribner is the founder and president of Fact Finders.  Over the course of Fact Finders’ long history, Mr. Ribner has been responsible for building a team of excellence-oriented research professionals and directing overall strategic and operational success of the company.

Mary Ann Keeler, Executive Vice President

Ms. Keeler joined Fact Finders in 1987.  With primary responsibility for business development and research design, Ms. Keeler has directed a multitude of research projects for clients and oversees all of Fact Finders’ research operations, including the data collection, data processing, and reporting functions of the company.  She has a unique ability to organize and manage multiple projects, giving attention to the smallest details while maintaining the company’s overall vision and meeting our clients’ needs.  Ms. Keeler holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University at Albany (State University of New York), with a concentration in Marketing and Psychology.

Sue Swartz, MS, RN, Executive Vice President

Ms. Swartz joined Fact Finders in 1988.  She designed and directed the first hospital patient satisfaction survey conducted by telephone in the Capital Region. With primary responsibilities for business development and research design, Ms. Swartz has directed a multitude of research projects at Fact Finders. Ms. Swartz holds an M.S. from the University of Louisville, having studied health care administration in the University of Louisville’s Institute of Community Development.  As a Registered Nurse, Ms. Swartz also has extensive experience in direct patient care, having worked in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric intensive care (PICU), and behavioral health.

Laurie Okinaga, MA, VP of Analytics

Ms. Okinaga holds an A.B. in Sociology and Psychology from Georgetown University, an M.A. from the University at Albany, and an M.S. in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. She joined Fact Finders in 2013, as Director of Business Analytics, after working as an Assistant VP for Wilmington Trust in their Institutional Sales and Marketing Department.  Ms. Okinaga works with clients on big data management and statistical analyses, with a principle focus on predictive modeling.

Loretta Smith, Manager B2B Research

Ms. Smith joined Fact Finders in 1997, working initially as a Professional Research Interviewer, then Data Collection Supervisor/Trainer. She holds a B.A. in Secondary Education from Rider College in Trenton, NJ.  Promoted to Manager B2B Research in 2016, Ms. Smith has extensive experience in market research data collection, quality assurance/questionnaire testing, staff development, and project management.

Lorie Ruth, Manager B2C Research

Ms. Ruth joined Fact Finders in 2010, working as a Professional Research Interviewer on both B2B and B2C research. She joined the full time staff in 2016. Ms. Ruth holds an A.A.S., Legal Assistant degree from the Junior College of Albany (Now Sage College of Albany), a field she worked in for the first 19 years of her career, before transitioning to Higher Education, ultimately in the position of Senior Assistant Registrar at the Clarkson University Capital Region Campus. Ms. Ruth has extensive experience in managing operations, staff, databases, in addition to market research data collection, quality assurance/questionnaire testing, and project management.

Cora Smith, MA, Research Associate

Ms. Smith holds a B.A. in Sociology and an M.A. in Organizational Communications from the University at Albany. She joined Fact Finders in 2016 as a Research Associate. Before working at Fact Finders, Ms. Smith was an Anti Money Laundering Analyst for 2 years at the corporate headquarters of Trustco Bank in Schenectady, NY.  Ms. Smith has experience in data collection, data processing, data analysis, research reporting, and online survey programming and management.

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