Research Applications

Since 1980, hundreds of companies, organizations and government entities have turned to Fact Finders to answer critical questions about their businesses. Whether its evaluative, directional, strategic, or policy oriented research, Fact Finders has custom designed studies that deliver objective answers guiding client’s to success.

The following are some examples of research applications:

  • Market Potential Research
  • Brand and Advertising Tracking Research
  • Product Design & Concept Testing
  • Competitive Intelligence and Analytics
  • Employee Satisfaction Metrics
  • Quality of Service Experience
  • Member and Association Research
  • Program and Training Evaluation
  • Public Policy Research

Top 10 questions Fact Finders has answered for clients:

  1. Who knows about our services and what do they think of them?
  2. What motivates a consumer/decision maker to purchase from my competitor instead of our business?
  3. How is our brand defined? Are our customers loyal?
  4. How does our reputation help or hurt us?
  5. How effective is our marketing and advertising? Are we getting a meaningful ROI? What is the trend of our efforts?
  6. What share of the consumers wallet (spending) are we getting?
  7. What level of customer service do we deliver?  What improvements would impact significantly the quality of our service to customers?
  8. Which strategy holds the greatest likelihood of success and reduces risk to our current brand and reputation?
  9. Is my new invention/service/product viable?
  10. What unmet needs are there in the marketplace for the category of business we operate in?
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