Our Company

Founded in 1980, Fact Finders is a nationally recognized survey research firm located in the Capital Region of New York State. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research for a wide range of private, public, and academic sector clients.  We conduct international, national, statewide, regional, and local surveys.

Fact Finders has broad expertise in research design, project management, sample design and maintenance, data collection, database administration, research analytics and reporting.

Why We Are Different

A distinguishing feature of our research is the ’boutique’ customization that ensures that each project addresses the specific needs of our client and that every phase is conducted with reliable and objective methodologies that exceed industry standards.

Our goal is to maximize the resources being expended for each study, which insures utility of the findings. We will not burden respondents with surveys that are too lengthy or employ nonsensical questions and rating scales.

We creatively create and pretest survey questions that reliably measure a client’s informational objectives.  Questions are ONLY included when they pass the “so-what-would-we-do-with-the-findings-of-this-question” test.

Because of our determination to pay rigorous attention to every component of the research process, Fact Finders conducts all phases of each research project in-house. The data collection modes employed in our quantitative studies include online, telephone interviews, self-administered surveys, and personal in depth interviews. We employ multi-mode, multi-stage techniques to best represent the populations and market segments of interest to our client.

Our Professional and Experienced Research Team

Fact Finders maintains, in addition to our professional staff, a permanent staff of skilled research interviewers who employ the latest technology to reliably sample and complete telephone interviews (landline and mobile) for research projects.  Our staff’s training and experience insure the highest level of professionalism and respect for respondents in conducting each survey.

Our staff is expert in designing and conducting online research via our survey platform.  We accurately survey targeted populations and market segments that can not be reliably sampled by telephone and/or are difficult to research/low incidence respondents.

Our qualitative research projects (focus groups, in-depth interviews) are also conducted in their entirety by Fact Finders’ Team, from design of the research objectives, recruitment of qualified participants, to moderation of focus group sessions, thematic analysis and reporting of findings.

Fact Finders provides the full spectrum of quantitative analytic capabilities, including descriptive evaluations, big-data mining, multivariate analysis, and statistical modeling.

Highest Industry Standards

Fact Finders adheres to uncompromising quality standards. We are dedicated to committing the resources and key personnel necessary to meet all the requirements of superior research. Each of our clients can be assured that their projects will be performed to the highest standards in the industry. Our membership in AAPOR and AMA represent that we fully adhere to the code of ethics and research standards in conducting each project.



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